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Collaboration & Analysis

What's the purpose? 

Making the consulting model more collaborative and predictable

How does it work?

For one annual price, you will be connected to a personal statistician ready to conduct statistical analyses for up to five papers.

How does grant writing work into the subscription?

The grant application itself counts as one "paper" in the subscription. Once the grant is awarded, publications are counted as separate papers in the subscription.

What is your policy on authorship?

In an effort to make consultation more collaborative, we highly encourage the inclusion of your personal statistician as a co-author in papers and grant submissions. If your statistician has provided what you would expect from a collaborator, then it is fair that they are included as a co-author. 

How long before I hear from my statistician?

You will hear from your personal statistician within 24 hours.

**Please Note: These are intended as collaborations in which the statistician is responsible for running the analysis. For consultation calls where the statistician advises on statistical concepts and analysis techniques, please see "On-Demand Questions/Discussion" on the previous page.**

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