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Menger Education focuses on training tomorrow's leaders. We have triangulated our services in order to best service our clients. Summer statistics boot camps (seminars) are periodically offered based on demand. These seminars work to build essential analytical skills to help high school and early college students get ahead. Private tutoring is available for high school and college-level mathematics & statistics. Statistical consulting is available for those working on professional or research projects in fields outside of statistics. Our team is available to help analyze your data and prepare actionable results.   

Statistics Boot Camps

Menger Education has created educational seminars to help high school and early college students get ahead in statistics and build their analytical skillsets. Austin's goal is to acknowledge the personalized nature of learning and effectively pass on what he’s picked up over the years. He hopes one day that despite the formalization of education, his students may come to enjoy the beauty of mathematics & statistics in the same way he has.



Private Tutoring

Menger Education provides one-on-one tutoring in statistics and mathematics courses at the high school and college levels. We offer these services virtually for the time being, allowing us further scheduling flexibility while doing our part to keep our students & tutors safe. 



Statistical Consulting

Menger Education provides consulting services for anyone that needs data analysis for their research or professional reasons. We can help structure the proper survey or analyze the data you already have. Our promise to you is simple: trust us and the statistical analysis will be one less thing you have to worry about. We provide one-on-one services to allow for personal communication. For consultation requests please send an email to Austin Menger at  



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